When the Roman officer who stood facing him saw how he had died, he exclaimed, “This man truly was the Son of God!” —Mark 15:39

When you want an accurate diagnosis you ask the proper person. Depending on your situation it may be a mechanic to discuss vehicle issues, a doctor to discuss health issues, a civil engineer to discuss structural issues. The expertise of the right professional will get you the correct information.

When Jesus died through crucifixion there was a Roman officer present that witnessed His death. Undoubtedly, this soldier had seen many men die on the battlefield. He was probably all too familiar with the last moments of many of his former men. So when he observed how Jesus died “he exclaimed, ‘This man truly was the Son of God!’”

This Roman officer has seen:

· Jesus refuse the myrrh drugged wine that would lessen His pain

· Jesus crucified after being beaten and flogged, not recognizable as a man

· The sign tacked to the cross mocking His Kingship of the Jews

· The people mocking Him as they passed by

· The religious leaders mocking Him

· The darkness that covered the land for 3 hours

· Jesus crying out “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”

· Some thinking He was calling to Elijah

· Jesus utter a final loud cry and then took His last breath

The conclusion that this Roman officer had as he observed all this and much more was that Jesus was indeed the Son of God! If you have not come to that conclusion, listen to the testimony of this professional Roman soldier who was standing near Jesus as the time of His death. Jesus is the Son of God with all that means!

Dear Father, thank You for the testimony of this Roman officer. May his testimony encourage others to trust the finished work of the Lord Jesus that took place on the cross. Yes, may it be so!

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