Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water… —Matthew 14:29

The couple owned a farm and earned a good living. Life was good. The Lord put it on their heart to go into missions and move to a remote area to reach a tribal group. Most mission boards would not accept them because they were an older couple, but one mission did. This couple went through a period of training and then off they went into a very remote area of the world. In just about one year they saw the whole tribe they were serving among respond to the gospel and today that tribe is sending out people to other tribes with the good news of Jesus. What man sees as impossible or improbable, God sees as possible and probable.

Peter walked on the water! This is impossible, but not when Jesus says “Come” (Matthew 14:29). What is the impossible or improbable that Jesus is calling you to? If He is telling you to come then it is not impossible or improbable. With His help He will make you what He wants you to be and He will do what He desires to through you. But, like Peter, you have to leave the safety of the boat to see the impossible. Make sure you keep your eyes on Jesus and not the circumstances around you or you will also be like Peter and begin to sink (Matthew 14:30). Do not doubt what the Lord desires you to do!

So what is it that He desires of you? Get out of the “boat” and see His mighty hand at work!

Dear Father, help us to leave what we know, what is comfortable and see You do what is impossible for man to do. We know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Oh, may we trust You and see You do work that we cannot do in our own strength. May it be so!

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