Next to him… —Nehemiah 3:17

Construction sites are interesting to observe as each person does their job. Road crews have their dirt workers filling and cutting, blasting and draining as they operate all kinds of earth moving equipment. Even before then you have the planners and surveyors. Then as you watch the actual work the area begins to be slowly transformed into a roadway. If may not appear to be such for quite some time, but as each worker does their part in building then the road is completed for people to drive on. That was only possible because of each person working side by side with his fellow worker to do their part.

Who are we working alongside of in the Lord’s work? When was the last time you actually were serving the Lord together with someone in His work? How long has it been?

The verse above in context speaks to how the people were rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. As you read through this chapter it is repeated again in again the people who are working next to their fellow laborers as they took the responsibility for the section they were delegated to rebuild. Side by side they worked and as they did the work on the wall progressed rapidly. They were faithful with the work they were delegated and as the band of construction workers was consistent and persistent in their work the fruit of their labor began to be seen.

Are you being responsible with the work the Lord has given you? What is that work? How are you serving Jesus to help build in the kingdom of God? Are you involved in building for Him or are you more involved with building your own kingdom? Who are you working alongside of to build on the spiritual construction site? These are questions that I ask myself. Who am I truly living for—the Lord God Almighty or Myself?

Dear Father, my desire is to do Your will. May that truly be so and may I serve by the Name of Jesus and in the Holy Spirit’s power.

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