…their words and deeds are against the Lord, defying his glorious presence. The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! They have brought disaster upon themselves. —Isaiah 3:8-9

What used to be shameful and perverse is being accepted as normal today. It is not a big deal for people to be living together before marriage or a woman to have a child out of wedlock. Filthy language is common in public places and homosexual behavior raises few eyebrows. Perverseness is literally is on parade in our culture.

According to the verse above this is nothing new, but it will be nothing new as well when God brings judgment upon this nation for its practicing and parading of perverseness. The above verses in context are speaking about the coming judgment upon Jerusalem and Judah for their parading of perverseness. It would still be over 100 years before that prophesy would take place, but it did take place and the Lord God Almighty used the nation of Babylon to carry it out.

Let us take a look at the third chapter of Isaiah and see if there are not any parallels to our own time. Here are a few things the Lord said would be impacted:
• Supplies of food and water
• Spiritual leaders
• Military leaders & counselors
• Skilled craftsman
• Wise leaders replaced by youthful rulers
• Oppression of man against man and neighbor against neighbor
• The youth will rise up against the elderly
• The nobody will be honored
• The nobody will be a leader, but have no remedy
• The nation’s words and deeds will be against the Lord, defying His glorious presence
• They will parade their sin like Sodom and not hide it
• The wicked brings disaster upon themselves
• Youths become oppressors of the people
• Women become rulers of the people
• The poor are plundered
• The people are crushed
• The women are haughty, strutting about, flirty and focused on appearance

As you look at this list of what would be impacting in Jerusalem and Judah as judgment came upon them, do you see any similarities to our time? We are called to pray for our nation. I hope we are doing so because our nation is in a mess! Even when this is the case the Lord says to “Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds” (Isaiah 3:10). I am so grateful to know that whatever may happen to our nation or this world, the follower of Jesus is safe in His hand!

Dear Father, in a nation and world that is decaying rapidly, help me to shine for You and be about Your business. Please help me to discern what that is and to be faithful in serving You in the authority of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit’s power. May that be so!

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