Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts.—Amos 5:15

He killed 4 people, hurt others seriously and only got probation. A teacher
raped a student and got a month probation and was still able to teach! Then
there are those who have stolen small items and have gotten years for doing
so. Justice in our court systems are not very consistent or just. Then of
course there are those activist judges who overturn the people’s vote on
homosexual marriage by calling it unconstitutional. Really? So, one judge
rules that what was constitutional all these years now just happens to be
unconstitutional because he thinks so. Watch for injustices to increase in
our court systems.

To be able to maintain justice in our court system is to hate evil and love
good. The trouble today is that evil is being seen as good and good is being
seen as evil. No wonder justice in our courts is so inconsistent.

Of course the whole reason behind this shift in our court system is a lack
of healthy respect for the Lord God Almighty (Proverbs 1:7). The fear of the
Lord is to hate evil. Romans 12:9 we are told to hate what is evil and to
cling to what is good.

May we followers of Jesus Christ seek to cling to what is good and to truly
hate what is evil. Oh, that we would shine in this world system of darkness
and pray for our courts that they would be just.

Dear Father, thank You for Your perfect justice. You do all things
perfectly. May You be please to raise up judges that will do what is right
because they hate what is evil.

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