Disciple-Making Movement Video Series

What does the bible teach on what it is to be a disciple and how to make disciples? This series discusses the Biblical framework of making disciples. Watch the videos and join us in this Disciple-making Journey!
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Video #1: Intro to Disciple-Making Movements

Video #2: Prayer | Disciple-Making MovementsPrayer

Video #3: Launch | Disciple-Making MovementsLaunch

Video #4: Engage | Disciple-Making MovementsEngage

Video #5: Person of Peace | Disciple-Making MovementsPerson of Peace

Video #6: Discovery Group | Disciple-Making MovementsDiscovery Group

Video #7: Gather | Disciple-Making MovementsGather

Video #8: Multiply | Disciple-Making MovementsMultiply